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What Clients Have to Say:

Andy has an energy that is warm, calm, easy-going and positive. For me it was nothing short of a miracle. I never felt ashamed, embarrassed or inadequate having another person see all the mess. (We haven't had anyone over to our house in years!)

Breaking through the paralysis of not knowing how to solve this crisis was life altering. I had so much more energy and joy and excitement than I had felt in years. Andy is your man --- he is the "heart man." I recommend him without reservation.

— Nickie M., San Francisco

Note: This is an excerpt from a longer testimonial. Click here to see the whole thing.

Andy, I want to thank you again for the swell job you did last evening! Your <well-organized> presentation was well-received, and I've gotten comments already from people who thought the content was on-target and rather inspiring, especially as you explained the general concepts, myths and roadblocks related to organizing. Plus your delivery style is clear, professional yet quite personable.

 — Karen Asbelle, Chair, Bay Area Editors' Forum

Andy, I wanted to thank you for the presentation last night--I'm all fired up about organizing! I will surely recommend your services to anyone whining about their disorganization in the future.

 — Margaret P., San Francisco

Andy, my experience of the organizing project was one of "getting my life back." I'm still grateful - I would still be in that mess if not for you. And - I've stayed pretty organized since. I got married and we are packing up to move to a more suitable house - what a nightmare that would be if you hadn't worked your magic on all my stuff. People like you are rare finds.

 — Theresa W., San Francisco

Andy Hartman brought incredible amounts of joyful energy to the process of de-cluttering and organizing my home and actually made it fun! It seems he has wisdom, clarity and a special ability to work with what the individual needs are of each client. This was not simply throwing out junk.... it became a process of elimination on many levels including emotional attachments. I would highly recommend Andy for anyone and everyone who needs guidance and support in the de-cluttering and organizing of their home and self.

— Erica S., El Sobrante

I am so excited! I am so happy with everything we've accomplished. My brain is so much less foggy now that the place is cleaner and less cluttered.

— Natasha P., San Leandro

I can't believe we accomplished so much in such a short period of time. I was in shock the first few hours after we were done, and the benefits kept coming and coming and coming ... every time I go into the kitchen, the spare room, to my computer, when I pull clothes out of my closet...! Thank you Andy! This was the best money I ever spent.

— Kimberly D., Richmond

You are termites in reverse! I so appreciate everything you did!

— Karen G., Berkeley

You've changed our life around here! You bring great energy, and I'm so glad you're doing what you're doing.

— Mary M., El Cerrito

I'm a pretty organized person, but if it wasn't for Andy being there to help me sort through the emotional blocks to moving and reorganizing my files, I never would have been able to start. I had put this job off already for more than 2 years!

Working side by side, the task became fun, instead of overwhelming. Many organizers may have the skills Andy has, but I'd guess few also have the heart to facilitate a job which can sometimes bring up uncomfortable memories and feelings. Thanks Andy for a job well done!

— Bess G., Menlo Park

I am a single mother, and since all my time is taken up with my dog and baby, I don't have a spare minute to spend. Because I couldn't find anything in my garage, I asked Andy to come in and organize it while I was out of town visiting family.

Now there's enough room for someone to live down there, and I can find things easily, even though I wasn't even present when he organized it!

I was very pleased with Andy's service, and would recommend him to anyone. I will definitely be passing his name on to my friends!

— Katie M., Berkeley

Andy Hartman has been extremely helpful assisting in cleaning out and dismantling my late uncle's apartment in San Francisco. Uncle Fred lived in the same apartment for nearly fifty years. He seemed to have kept his clothes, papers, etc., for as long as he lived there. Andy went about organizing and sorting through and disposing of his belongings systematically, efficiently and without delay.

We have found him to be punctual, dependable, courteous, well-organized and thorough. I highly recommend him to anyone seeking the above qualities.

— Helen O., Toronto, Canada.

I hired Andy to help sort out my financial records. What I was most impressed with was the determination and efficiency with which he approached the project. He took a little time to find out exactly what I wanted, then took charge of the project, asking questions when needed. He completed the project in a much shorter time than I had imagined it would take. He worked until the project was really complete not just mostly done as I had planned. Andy exceeded my expectations. I would highly recommend him to anyone.

— Brenda E., Sacramento

Andy did a great job and had a great attitude.

— Ellen L., Berkeley

Andy helped me clean and organize my two large murphy-bed sized closets that had accumulated 3 years worth of clutter. The difference was amazing. He has a wonderful detached and professional manner, which helped me to stay focused on the project, especially when I felt distracted or overwhelmed. I have used his services numerous times for different rooms, and will definitely hire him again. I can now say that my life is less cluttered, thanks to Andy.

— Catherine M., Oakland

Thanks so much for your help! Roger and I are still amazed how much better the rooms look...and are excited to get the desk/shelves and complete the project before baby arrives!

— Clarissa L., San Francisco

When Andy arrived at my house, it was a disaster area! After working with him for four days, we had gone through all my clutter and what wasn't thrown out, recycled or otherwise discarded was organized into neat bins for me to sort through. While not exactly painless, he certainly made the process easier. He also suggested ways to deal with my clutter on an ongoing basis, which will be very helpful.

— Mikayla D., Sonoma

You're a sick man, Andy!

— Berkeley client (referring to how much Andy obviously enjoys his work )


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