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Clutter Coaching, a.k.a. Virtual Organizing

Clutter Coaching, also known as Virtual Organizing, is a great solution when you want to get organized and want to do it yourself, but you need coaching, an objective perspective, or the advice of a professional to help you move forward.

Here's how it works:

(Optional) Take any photos you want of the organizing challenge and email them to the coach.

Schedule a time to speak with the coach via phone or skype (video calls are supported).

Send payment via Paypal or mailing a check.

Call your coach at the scheduled time to go over the challenge. During the coaching session, you will get receive expert advice on how to overcome what's been holding you back. You and your coach will strategize about how to move forward and make a step by step plan for how to attack the challenge.

Clutter Coaching is ideal for those who want to learn more about how to get organized, for those who are not located geographically near a professional organizer, for those who wish to implement the organizing strategy themselves, or those who wish to minimize the expense of their organizing project.

Clutter Coaching is not intended for anyone who wishes to have an on-site visit from a professional organizer or needs physical assistance with the project.

Andy Hartman has been a successful professional organizer for 16 years, and is also skilled in counseling and communication. Over many years of working with people who need help getting organized, he's developed lots of insight into why people are disorganized and how that disorganization can be overcome. He is non-judgmental, compassionate, and encouraging. For a sense of Andy's approach and how he works, listen to the podcast.





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