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What Clients Have to Say:

After seeing all the programs on Dr. Phil and Oprah (featuring people whose homes are so filled with stuff they can't even walk into some rooms) I realized I was one of them and absolutely needed HELP. I heard about Andy from the world's most loving, best massage therapist, Sharon. I hired him.

When Andy walked in, he made me feel like I was safe, competent and that nothing was wrong. (I had previously hired a woman whose attitude was, "this is a mess and not livable --- let's clean it up." Obviously that is true, but there are tremendous feelings of shame, blame, and inadequacy over not being capable of cleaning it up myself and of being the sole person who caused it.) Andy has an energy that is warm, calm, easy-going and positive. I never felt as if we were trying to "clean-up" the ghastly mess I had all over my house. I felt as if a good friend showed up to do a project together --- we could have been cooking five casseroles for a school potluck. For me it was nothing short of a miracle. I never felt ashamed, embarrassed or inadequate having another person see all the mess. (We haven't had anyone over to our house in years!).

Breaking through the paralysis of not knowing how to solve this crisis was life altering. I had so much more energy and joy and excitement than I had felt in years. Andy is your man --- he is the "heart man." I recommend him without reservation. Call me anytime.

— Nickie M., San Francisco, February 7, 2010



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