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Providing information, coaching, & services to improve lives through better organization.

Andy Hartman: 

Andy is the founder of Clutter Free Organizing Services, and a 20 year veteran professional organizer. After many 20 years of seeing hundreds of clients, he has developed a warm, non-judgmental, heart-centered approach to organizing. His experience has given him a lot of clarity about why people are disorganized and the challenges they face in the organizing process. He can also address your company or group with customized presentations on organizing.

Organizing is the most direct way that people can make an immediate change in their lives. Witnessing and guiding a process which can make an environment lighter, more relaxing, more beautiful, and more efficient is extremely rewarding.

The first and most important part of the organizing process is listening. Our goal is not to organize things the way we would for ourselves, but to help to create a system and an environment that works for our clients. We do not have an agenda about how a space should be organized—our sole objective is to help our clients reach their organizational goals.

We really enjoy:

* taking an environment that is in disarray and making it look nicer.

* taking a room or a garage that is completely full, and arranging it so there's plenty of extra space. Real estate in the Bay Area is so expensive and many people can't afford a larger apartment or house. We enjoy giving people more room where they already live.

* designing a system to find things quickly and easily, especially for people who usually spend hours looking for everything.

* helping people simplify. We point out the benefits of a simpler, less cluttered life and help people achieve and maintain an objective perspective on their possessions. We enjoy keeping the 'big picture' in the midst of all the details.

* keeping a heart-centered perspective on the emotional ties we all have with our possessions. We have positive, supportive attitudes even in the midst of a task that can sometimes be overwhelming.




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